One of my clients described Resonance Repatterning (RR) like this:
Resonance Repatterning as I understand it:  Resonance repatterning is a method which works by uncovering our subconscious blocks, so that we can move forward towards a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and aware existence. Each session is unique to the individual and the issues they are attempting to resolve. The practice uses gentle methods to identify which issue is primary to work on in that moment and then examines how we resonate with that negative energy. Then through a wide variety of healing modalities some unfamiliar and some as familiar as affirmations and visualization, it transforms our system to resonance with positive energy which is then expressed in our thinking, attitudes and behavior. As humans we live our lives habitually or rather, in patterns. By breaking or rather changing the patterns that we have unconsciously repeated, we move into a pattern which no longer includes the old subconscious one that was detrimental to our well being.

“My experience with Carole was amazing. I felt truly transformed. The energy of the exercises we did were surprisingly insightful and Carole’s manner was both inviting and relaxing. I felt reassured by her knowledge, gentle humor and caring. She knows the human system well and is great at trusting the process she asked me to trust. And it works! I learned a lot and the process transformed me and my energy field in amazing and unexpected ways.”
Clare Hedin, San Francisco, California, USA – January 2016

“I had never heard of Resonance Repatterning until practitioner Carole Brown told me about it. When I had my session with her, I was open to the idea of finding a way to help me with a medical related problem which I’d been unable to resolve on my own although I had no idea whether it would work. The repatterning I received from Carole helped to clear a blockage buried deep in my subconscious from a time in my early childhood. Once this was revealed, I experienced a feeling of profound release. My fingers began tingling as I’d only had happen after accupressure or deep tissue massage. After this obstacle was out of the way, my labs showed blood levels that had returned to normal, and have remained that way. The session I had with Carole has helped me move on to live my life in fuller health, no longer needing a medication I’d been on for many years. There is nothing to lose by experiencing Resonance Repatterning, and a lot to gain.”
Sincerely, Eileen Hodges, Lakeport, California, USA  – May 2016

“My first session of resonance repatterning with Carole was incredible. I had only seen a couple of videos on youtube describing the method of healing one’s energy, and didn’t really know what to expect, so I just went with it and an open mind. I’ve been really stuck for quite some time in my professional life, and struggle a lot with earning and really owning my identity as an artist and photographer. I was looking for a way to “disrupt” my professional world and take it to the next level – but had no idea how or what path to take. Then I met Carole.
During my repatterning session with her, we traveled unexpectedly back to a time in my childhood where an episode occurred which silenced me as a child. In the exercises Carole guided me through, I was able to release a deep core problem of feeling like I didn’t have “a voice.” Carole helped me to zero in on that part of me that needed releasing and we went through it together. I felt safe and trusted her completely, despite not knowing how this could possibly be doing something. But during and after our session, I truly felt a shift inside of me – an energetic shift, and a sort of inner thing I can’t quite describe. It was definitely an energy shift and something I could not do alone.
That weekend, I had my open studios event, and I am not even making this up – I felt as if I had a new voice. Not just that I was speaking more confidently about my work, but inside I felt different, less shy, not as limited in my capacity to express my work to people as they asked questions. I even was able to state the prices of my work plainly and confidently without feeling the old self doubt – it’s hard to explain – like an inner power inside of me was able to engage with the public like I had never experienced before.
Thank you Carole for that gift and first session!”
Krista, SF Bay Area, California, USA  – April 2017

“I had the privilege of receiving two sessions of Resonance Repatterning with Carole, in a technique that I didn’t know. It was an amazing experience, where I only needed to stay receptive to her guidance and questions, and the results were an indescribable sense of peace and focused energy. I don’t know how Resonance Repatterning works, but it is powerful.” 
Isabel Rimanoczy, Legacy Coach, Lecturer and Convener LEAP – PRME Working Group on the Sustainability Mindset, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – July 2017

“Having communicated with Carole Brown (RR Practitioner) for only a few months I was fortunate enough to have a Resonance Repatterning session carried out long distance with me in Greece and Carole in America. I had not given any thought to the outcome and had no expectations but thoroughly enjoyed the experience which offered quite surprising results and ultimately the healing aspect left me feeling nurtured and loved. I am fascinated to learn more about the science behind this practice and look forward to another session when possible. Thank you Carole.”
Heather Fones: Business Adviser, Greece – March 2018