Welcome, I am Carole Brown, learning coach and Resonance Repatterning practitioner.




7th wave coaching is my website to tell you more about mind-body science and the magic of Resonance Repatterning, a process that I use in my coaching  that moves us through blocks in the way of achieving the best we can possibly be in life, work and in our relationships.

Bruce Lipton is great explaining energy, quantum physics and the mind-body system so here he is introducing you to some leading edge concepts  …

What is Resonance Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning, is one of the most powerful transformative approaches that I have experienced. It gives us a new way of listening deep within ourselves and working with our inner wisdom, through accessing the quantum field and the world of frequencies and vibrations within and all around us.

Chloe Wordsworth has been developing Resonance Repatterning (also known as Holographic Repatterning) and refining this system for almost forty years.
I first met and trained with Chloe in 2000. From her background in acupuncture and polarity therapy and knowledge of many other healing modalities, Chloe developed her holographic approach to healing. Resonance Repatterning uses our muscle response (from applied kinesiology) to answer questions not from our conscious mind but from our unconscious self, and accesses our energy field to identify our patterns. At any moment in time, it gives us the ability to identify which positive aspects we are now ready to resonate with and which negative patterns we are ready to let go of. It is then possible to find and experience the specific healing modalities suited to the issue we are working on. Afterwards, we find ourselves resonating with new, healthy ways of being and of managing our interactions with others and the world. Our negative coping strategies and self defeating patterns are replaced with positive ones and we find ourselves attuned in ways that enrich our lives and our relationships.

For an explanation of Resonance Repatterning by Chloe herself, take a look at this youtube video:rr-chloe-you-tube-video-part-1

I experience Resonance Repatterning as a beautiful way to create the harmony that my mind, body, heart and soul desire. I am so grateful to Chloe for bringing this approach into the world and for her dedication to continually improving this body of work.

My clients who receive Resonance Repatterning have found it remarkable. See here for what they say.